Our Fundraising Promise

We Are Committed To High Standards
  • We do all we can to ensure that fundraisers, volunteers and fundraising contractors working with us to raise funds, comply with the codes and with this promise
  • We comply with the law including those that apply to data protection, health and safety and the environment

 We Are Honest And Open

  • We tell the truth and do not exaggerate
  • We do what we say we are going to do
  • We answer all reasonable questions about our fundraising activities and costs

 We Are Clear

  • We are clear about who we are, what we do and how your gift is used
  • Where we have a promotional agreement with a commercial company, we make clear how much of the purchase price we receive
  • We give a clear explanation of how you can make a gift and amend a regular commitment

 We Are Respectful

  • We respect the rights, dignities and privacy of our supporters and beneficiaries
  • We will not put undue pressure on you to make a gift and if you do not want to give or wish to cease giving, we will respect your decision
  • If you tell us that you don’t want us to contact you in a particular way we will not do so
We Are Fair And Reasonable
  • We take care not to use any images or words that cause unjustifiable distress or offence
  • We take care not to cause unreasonable nuisance or disruption

 We Are Accountable

  • If you are unhappy with anything we’ve done whilst fundraising, you can contact us to make a complaint. We have a complaints procedure, a copy of which is available on request. If we cannot resolve your complaint, we accept the authority of the Fundraising Standards Board to make a final adjudication


Fundraising Complaints Policy

As a member of the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) we follow the FRSB’s Fundraising Promise and the Institute of Fundraising’s Codes of Fundraising Practice.
You can find out more about the Codes of Fundraising Practice by going to the Institute of Fundraising website. You can also view our
Fundraising Promise.

Our good reputation and effectiveness as an organisation depends upon us following the highest standards of fundraising. We display the Fundraising Standards Board logo on our materials and relevant literature as testament to our ongoing commitment. Our success as a charity depends upon an open and trusting relationship with our donors and we aim to provide them with the best service possible. This includes an efficient system that deals with complaints immediately.

We Really Want To Know What You Think About Us

Your views are important to us and we take them very seriously. We hope you’ll be fully satisfied with the activities, but if you have a comment or complaint about our fundraising we want to hear from you. We’ll address and respond to it as quickly as possible.

Our Commitment To You

We appreciate your support and our relationships. We also value the chance to correct anything you feel we may have done wrong, and to learn from our mistakes. We will not discriminate against you in the future because you have made a complaint. We will instead do our utmost to resolve and discuss the issue.


Child Bereavement UK’s Fundraising Complaints Procedure


What Is A Fundraising Complaint?

We follow fundraising guidelines set down by the Charity Commission, the Institute of Fundraising and the Fundraising Standards Board. Consequently all of our fundraising activity should be honest, transparent, fair and reasonable. We define a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction with our fundraising activities, including the nature of activities and/or the behaviour of members of staff. If you have any concerns about our fundraising activity, don’t like the way we have asked you for a donation or are dissatisfied or upset about any other aspect of our fundraising, please let us know.

How Do You Complain?

We carry out a wide variety of fundraising activities. Some of these are organised by our staff, while others are independently organised by volunteers. If you have a complaint about any fundraising activity done by us, or in our name, then we want to know. Please send your complaint to:

Head of Fundraising & Marketing
Child Bereavement UK
The Clare Foundation
The Saunderton Estate
HP14 4BF

Tel: 01494 568915

Please note that we are only able to investigate a complaint if it is received by us within three months of the date of the incident to which the complaint refers.

What We Need To Know

When you contact us with a complaint, please remember to tell us:

  • What happened
  • When
  • Who was involved
  • Where it occurred

If your complaint involves any printed material, please send an example to us, if possible.

To help us investigate your complaint, please provide as much of the following information as possible when you contact us:

  • Whether it’s an original complaint or a follow-up to a reply you were not satisfied with
  • A clear description of the complaint and what action you’d like us to take
  • Your full postal address, telephone number and email address (if you have one)
What Happens When You Complain To Us?

If you make a formal complaint about our fundraising activity, you should expect to hear back within 14 days of us receiving it. We aim to respond in full within this time, but if this isn’t possible we’ll inform you that we are looking into your complaint with details of when you can expect a full reply.

Our Complaints Coordinator will pass your complaint to the most appropriate person for investigation. This depends on the fundraising activity in question, and the person who had responsibility for organising it. Your complaint will be investigated, and within 30 days of us receiving your complaint, the outcome of our investigation will be sent to you in writing. If we are unable to complete our investigation within 30 days (for example, for reasons of absence of a key staff member or because information is outstanding from an agency), we will contact you to outline the situation.

What Happens If You Are Not Satisfied With The Outcome Of Our Investigation Into Your Complaint?

When we contact you, we’ll also give you options if you are not satisfied with our reply. Depending on the nature of your complaint, you can refer your complaint to the Fundraising Standards Board, provided that you do this within two months of receiving our response. We’ll provide you with the necessary details when we contact you with the outcome of our investigation.


Confidentiality Policy for Support and Information Telephone, Email Contact or Forum Use

The philosophy of confidentiality is paramount to the Child Bereavement UK (CBUK). Each individual member of the team is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of service users. Failure to do so will be regarded as serious misconduct and disciplinary procedures will be initiated.

A caller to the telephone line, user of the email support service or forum user, is assured that any information they provide will not be divulged to an external party, outside the support and information team, by CBUK without the prior consent of the individual concerned, except in certain exceptional circumstances as detailed below:

  • If callers for the service have left a message on the CBUK answer phone and staff are returning the call, they will ensure that no third party can identify the source of the call. Child Bereavement UK subscribes to a ‘number withheld' service to safeguard this policy and practice
  • Any information gathered will only be used for the purpose of collating audit statistics for service development and research. There will be no identification of service users in statistics or information used outside the service
  • Child Bereavement UK works in full compliance with The Data Protection Act (1998)
  • All professional callers will be asked if they wish for their names to be entered on the CBUK database to receive further information and mail outs (Data Protection Act 1998)
  • Callers or forum users will be given information about the way their details are recorded if they request it
Exceptional Circumstances In Which Confidentiality May Be Broken

Any information from any source that gives rise to concern for the safety and well being of a child will be made known to the Director of Bereavement Services and responded to in line with the charity's Child Protection Policy.

The contract of confidentiality can be broken when a person (child or adult) is perceived to be in a dangerous or life threatening situation, is threatening to harm others, or cases governed by the Prevention of Terrorism Act (1984)


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